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¥ 12,500 /mo.
Sihe Garden HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060407

Sihe Garden

Xinzha Road 1910,
Bedrooms: 2Baths:1 Size:80.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 8,300 /mo.
Renovated Apartment in Zhongshan Park Area HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060393

Renovated Apartment in Zhongshan Park Area

West Yan'an Road 1740,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:70.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 6,500 /mo.
Modern Apartment in Huacao Town Area HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060365

Modern Apartment in Huacao Town Area

West Tianshan Road 4358,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:65.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 27,500 /mo.
The Courtyards HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060335

The Courtyards

Zhenning Road 55,
Bedrooms: 3Baths:2 Size:140.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 34,000 /mo.
Yongye Apartment HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060311

Yongye Apartment

Xujiahui Road 135,
Bedrooms: 3Baths:2 Size:150.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 15,800 /mo.

Huangpu New Garden

Liyuan Road 333,
Bedrooms: 3Baths:1 Size:120.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 9,500 /mo.
Lane House in West Nanjing Road Area HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060382

Lane House in West Nanjing Road Area

Middle Yan'an Road 740,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:60.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 6,500 /mo.
Lane House in West Nanjing Road Area HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060293

Lane House in West Nanjing Road Area

North Shanxi Road 119,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:48.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 6,300 /mo.
Tong Chun Fang HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060244

Tong Chun Fang

Fengyang Road 228,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:35.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 5,000 /mo.
Lane House in Jing'an Temple Area HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060206

Studio near Jing’an Temple

Changle Road 764,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:30.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 9,000 /mo.
Lane House in Former French Concession HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060189

Lane House in Former French Concession

Xing'an Road 141,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:40.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 13,000 /mo.
Lane House in West Nanjing Road Area HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060115

Lane House in West Nanjing Road Area

West Nanjing Road 7,
Bedrooms: 2Baths:2 Size:100.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 77,000 /mo.
Fushi Garden HAO Realty Shanghai HAOTW060349

Fushi Garden

Anhua Road 200,
Bedrooms: 8Baths:3 Size:460.00 m2
Agent:Tara Wu
¥ 26,000 /mo.

Tomson Nice Year Villa

Hongmei Road 3333,
Bedrooms: 4Baths:2 Size:170.00 m2
Agent:Lily Chen
¥ 38,000 /mo.
Le Chambord HAO Realty Shanghai HAOLC057870

Le Chambord

Lianmin Road 99,
Bedrooms: 5Baths:4 Size:380.00 m2
Agent:Lily Chen
¥ 45,000 /mo.

South Caoping Garden

Taixing Road 689,
Bedrooms: 4Baths:3 Size:200.00 m2
¥ 50,000 /mo.

Lakeside Ville

Huqingping Road 1517,
Bedrooms: 5Baths:4 Size:400.00 m2
Agent:Lily Chen
¥ 35,000 /mo.

Villa next to Shanghai Zoo

Jinbin Road 100,
Bedrooms: 4Baths:3 Size:203.00 m2
Agent:Sonya Wang
¥ 18,000 /mo.

Jingan ZiYuan

Jiangning Road 356,
Bedrooms: 2Baths:1 Size:100.00 m2
Agent:Sonya Wang
from ¥ 150,000 /mo.

Jing’an Kerry Center: 396m² Penthouse

West Nanjing Road 1515,
Bedrooms: 3Baths:5 Size:396.00 m2
from ¥ 22,000 /mo.

One Sunland Serviced Suites – 2 BR Apa...

Qifan Road 433,
Bedrooms: 2Baths:2 Size:88.00 m2
Agent:Archer Gui
from ¥ 16,000 /mo.

One Sunland Serviced Suites – 1 BR Apa...

Qifan Road 433,
Bedrooms: 2Baths:1 Size:71.00 m2
Agent:Archer Gui
from ¥ 12,000 /mo.

One Sunland Serviced Suites – Studio

Qifan Road 433,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:52.00 m2
Agent:Archer Gui
from ¥ 6,000 /mo.

Landsea Waigaoqiao – Studio

Zhouhai Road 1088,
Bedrooms: 1Baths:1 Size:40.00 m2

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finding your place in shanghai


Searching and finding a new home in Shanghai can seem like a daunting endeavor for expats: the language barrier, a cultural gap, a seemingly opaque residential leasing market, and lots of myths around the housing market in China might be between you and your new home. HAO Realty has put together the perfect package to make finding your new apartment or villa a smooth, trouble-, and stress-free experience. Our broad property network and deep market knowledge, combined with reliable and skillful team members have earned us the trust of many multi-national enterprises and individual expats in Shanghai. Contact us to make the first step towards renting your dream home in Shanghai.

why you should work with us

The service HAO is offering is outstanding and the quality of all the housing shown are very good. We were impressed with the help we have received and will recommend HAO Realty to our friends.
Thomas C., V.P. (CND)
I had a rather unusual request and had contacted three agencies before already - all of them turned me down as it 'wouldn't fit into their business scope'. HAO Realty and Rufus specifically turned out to be very eager to help, even though I believe it was very difficult to check all boxes for my requirements. Thank you so much once more!
Ramona, Artist
As I am back in China, I wanna say thanks a lot for giving us so much care! Especially Lina did always a very good job, with lots of patience, cleverness and punctuality. You can be so lucky to have such a worthy supporter in your team!
Josef E., Director (Omya Investment Co., Ltd.)
HAO has helped our team immensely and saved us a great deal of work load through immediate and proper responses to various crisis particularly in tenancy management.
Simon W., Group Retail Director (Value Retail PLC)

about hao realty


Massive Property Database

Not only do we have our own database which has been maintained for over 5 years already, but we are also subscribed to three other up-to-date resources to ensure the largest property database possible for our clients.

Most Experienced Consultants

HAO Realty consultants have almost double the industry average level of experience and are highly-trained and skilled in handling customers’ needs. You will be in safe hands and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

24/7 Maintenance and Follow up

Our service does not stop when you found your home. Our 24/7 on-call service takes over and helps with all your questions and maintenance issues. We make sure you enjoy a high standard of living and no stress.

moving to shanghai


Shanghai (上海 – meaning “on the sea”) is China’s largest city by population and the biggest city proper in the world, with around 25 million reisidents, of which 18 million are living in Shanghai’s central districts.

The city is divided in two parts by Huangpu River. Puxi (浦西 – “west (xi) of the Huangpu“) is the historical part of the city, and the newly-developed Pudong (浦东 – east (dong) of the Huangpu“) side is home to several business and financial districts. Residents consider Puxi to have more of ‘character’. Popular areas in Puxi are the Former French Concession, People’s Square and Jing’an. Pudong is modern and recently-developed. It feels more sterile and business-oriented, with areas such as Lujiazui, the main financial district, or Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, China’s Silicone Valley.

Shanghai’s world-famous skyline is dominated by the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Centre (aka ‘SWFC’ or ‘the bottle opener’, the Jinmao Tower, and the stunning Shanghai Tower, Shanghai’s tallest building, measuring in 632 meters.

Shanghai Real Estate


Finding an apartment for rent in Shanghai can be tough if you are on your own. Chinese culture has a strong emphasis on owning a house as condition for a marriage. The rental market is therefore only a relatively small segment of the Shanghai real estate industry. As Shanghai is a migrant city, attracting Chinese and foreign talents alike, demand for good rental apartments is nevertheless high and attractive properties with a fair price tag rent out very fast, sometimes even within a day. It is therefore important to work with a good agency or agent who is always up-to-date on recent and soon-to-be available properties.

To successfully find an apartment that you will enjoy for the whole duration of your stay in Shanghai, identifying your needs & requirements is necessary. Depending on your family situation, work or study place, interests, and available housing budget, different property types and locations are preferable.

The districts Huangpu, Jing’an, Xuhui, and Changning are the commercial and cultural center of Shanghai. Residential hotspots within this area are the former French Concession, Xintiandi, People’s Square, Jing’an Temple, Xujiahui, and Gubei. While these areas are very suitable for both singles and families with children, exorbitant per-sqm prices make it sometimes difficult to find family-sized apartments within the housing budget. Singles and couples can normally get away with paying between 7,000 and 20,000 RMB  per month, while 15,000 RMB are the very start of the spectrum for a 3-bedroom apartment.

Expat families with children attending an international high-school in Shanghai most times opt for suburban areas, such as Hongqiao, Huacao, and Xujing in Puxi, or Green City and Kangqiao in Pudong. Several world-class international schools can be found in these areas, which has resulted in established expat communities and businesses catering to expat needs. A typical villa in these expat neighborhoods costs between 30,000 and 45,000 RMB/month, with Green City being home to luxury villas typically priced between 40,000 and 65,000 RMB/month.

If you wish to learn more about the price differences in Shanghai’s various areas, you can find our Shanghai rent index 2018/19 here.

For information about expat-popular neighborhoods, click here.

Shanghai Housing Types

Shanghai, as a city where past and future meet in the present, features  a good diversity of housing types. Generally you can find the following housing types:

Modern apartments / condos: Since the end of the 1990s most new construction comprises of clusters of high-rise apartment buildings, which can be found throughout the city, from downtown to the edge of Shanghai. So called compounds come with gated access, 24/7 security, property management staff, and often  community gardens, onsite gym, swimming pool, and playground.

Lane Houses:  Lane Houses are a distinct housing form of Shanghai, similar to hutongs in Beijing. Lane Houses are terraced houses built in the 1920s and 30s during the time of foreign concessions. While they offer a lot of charm and character, they can bring unpleasant surprises that expats will want to avoid: dampness and mold especially on the ground floor, narrow pipes that can freeze during winter, insufficient heat and sound insulation, or shared kitchens (and therefore various smells) in the common areas of the house. Lane houses offered by HAO Realty have  usually been modernized and make for good homes.

Old apartment buildings: Art Deco architecture was very popular during the booming 1920s and resulted in some of Shanghai’s nicest and sought-after apartment buildings today. Especially along Middle Huaihai Road  you will see  architectural highlights. Apartments in these buildings are highly sought-after, as they combine old world charm with lasting quality.

Mid-rise (5-7 storeys) concrete run-up buildings: These buildings from the 1970s and 80s have preserved the charm of communist China in Shanghai. They lack elevators and are often not very appealing from the outside. However, they will remind you to not teach a book by its cover, as some of the nicest apartments we have seen are hidden gems inside these blocks.

Service apartments: these apartments are hotel-like homes, ideal for persons and families who seek convenience. Services such as concierge, housekeeping, laundry, free/priced-in utility consumption, free clubhouse access, onsite restaurants, etc. make these perfect for expats who prefer to relax when coming home from work.

Villas: Beside very few historical villas, free-standing single-family houses are not to be found in Downtown, but only in the suburbs of Shanghai. As independent construction is uncommon in most of Shanghai, these villas are located in compounds. Most times units within the same compound look very similar and are only different in size and furnishing.

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