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Learn about Shanghai – Your new home

Our city orientation introduces what life is like in Shanghai. Customized to fit the needs of the assignee and family, the program will guide you through everything you must know, paired with all details regarding areas of interest or concern. Whether you have already made your decision to relocate to Shanghai, or if you are still in talks with your (potential) employer, our City Orientation provides valuable insights.

What we offer:

  • Pre-Arrival Consulting
  • Overview of Shanghai
  • A sample of short- and long-term housing options
  • Introduction to private and public transportation
  • Overview of healthcare and medical facilities
  • Recreation facilities, including social/sports clubs, associations and leisure activities
  • Food and personal product resources, availability and pricing as well as recommendations for what to bring and difficult to find items

Find the best schooling option for your children

We provide support to assignees relocating with children. Through pre-arrival consultation we understand the schooling needs and help you to navigate the available options of international kindergartens and schools in Shanghai.

We offer:

  • Pre-arrival consuling
  • Overview of local schooling options
  • Detailed information on availability at prospective schools
  • Accompanied visits to prospective schools
  • Assistance getting answers to all key questions and concerns during visits

Find the right place for your first weeks in Shanghai

We help with short-term housing for short- and long-term assignees. Even if you will stay for a year or longer, it is often a good idea to first opt for a hotel-like apartment with a short contract duration, allowing you to finalize the home search without time pressure. For assignees who commit to finding long-term housing with us, the search for preliminary short-term accommodation is free of charge. If you are only in need of a short-term solution for a brief assignment, we can help with stays of at least 3 months length.

What we offer:

  • Advance list of short-term properties matching your search parameters
  • Overview of accommodation styles and options and neighborhoods as they relate to workplace
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Negotiation of rent and lease agreement
  • Coordination of payment arrangements between tenant (or employer) and landlord
  • Review of all legal documents
  • Negotiation of deposit return and facilitation of deposit return payments

Find Your dream home

Finding your perfect home in Shanghai is our core competency. We manage and accelerate the home finding process while keeping timing and budgets on track. We provide expert assistance on assessing and selecting the right home and area as well as navigating the process to secure the new home. Our in-house real estate agents will assist with the offer and negotiation process to ensure the best possible agreement terms.

What we offer:

  • Initial consultation
  • Overview of suitable neighborhoods as they relate to work and school commutes
  • Overview of housing styles, real estate market and local practices
  • Tailor-made property proposals with competitive listings
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Negotiation of rent and lease agreement
  • Review of all legal documents
  • Check-in inventory report
  • Utility setup

Enjoy quality support

Tenancy management relates to our efforts facilitating the landlord/tenant relationship. Your HAO consultant acts as a single point of contact for your needs and coordinates with the landlord and any required contractors until everything is resolved to your satisfaction.

What we offer

  • Single point of contact for the assignee and family
  • We work directly with the landlord on your behalf
  • Arrange any required property repairs and coordinate contractors
  • Ensure acquisition of the appropriate documents for the property
  • Maintain copies of the lease agreement
  • Notify you and/or your employer of upcoming or pending lease end dates
  • Check quarterly regarding housing concerns and condition
  • Provide 24 hour hotline support

Conveniently collect your real estate fapiaos

Our Fapiao (tax invoice) service helps ensure the proper collection and tracking of fapiaos and provides alerts when required to protect the assignee and company.

What we do:

  • Liaison with landlords/property management for fapiao collection
  • Ensure a match between fapiaos collected and payments made
  • Pursue fapiao in cases where it is missing or not matched
  • Alert you if fapiaos are not received on time

Do you have questions about our service? Feel free to ask anytime!

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