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Posted by HAOrealty on October 17, 2018

Electric scooters are one of (, if not) the most popular means of transportation in Shanghai. The immense popularity is shared by locals and expats alike. Obvious advantages are affordability (compared to cars), that there is no need for a driver’s license, and that they are more or less environment-friendly.
Since March 2017 however, all unregistered scooters in Shanghai are in severe danger of being confiscated by traffic police. Regulations require scooters to conform to very specific speed, weight, wattage and voltage standards.

Details are:

  • Maximum speed cannot exceed 20 kilometers/hour,
  • Maximum weight cannot exceed 40 kilograms,
  • Continuous power output generated cannot exceed 240 watts,
  • Must have pedals,
  • Batteries cannot exceed 48 volts,
  • Other measurements must not exceed the following limits: tire thickness of 64 millimeters, seat length of 550 millimeters, lateral distance of crank of 240 millimeters, length between the front and back axels of 1,350 millimeters. (Full tech specs here, in Chinese only) A list of certified scooter sellers can be found here. And a directory of acceptable models is available here. (Both of these pages are also only in Chinese).

To register a conform scooter, you go to the designated registration station in your district. The addresses can be found below. Hours for each location are 8.30am to 5pm (Monday-Saturday):




Xuhui2138 Longwu Lu, by S20 Outer Ring Expressway 龙吴路2138号,近S20外坏高速2303 7944
Jing’an (and Zhabei)251 Gonghexin Lu, by Jiaotong Lu 共和新路251号,近交通路6380 3970
Huangpu806 Zhongshan Nanyi Lu, by Luban Lu 中山南一路806号,近鲁班路5301 7959
Changning251 Jinzhong Lu, by Jianhe Lu 金钟路251号,近剑河路2303 9751
Pudong (Jinqiao)1500 Longdong Avenue, by Jinqiao Lu 龙东大道1920号, 近金桥路2204 4399
Pudong (Nanhui)3131 Gongji Dong Lu, by Quyou Lu 拱极东路3131号,近曲幽路5802 4253
Pudong (Dishui Lake)1969 Luchaogang Lu, by Hangwan Lu 芦潮港路1969号, 近杭弯路N/A
Putuo31 Liquan Lu, by Fucun Lu 礼泉路31号,近府村路2204 9872
Hongkou222 Yutian Lu, by Miyun Lu 玉田路222号,近密云路6516 1561
Minhang3 Shenbei Lu, by Chundong Lu 申北路3号,今春东路2406 2541
Yangpu1047 Guohe Lu, by Zhongyuan Lu 国和路1047号,近中原路2207 0679
Qingpu6189 Waiqingsong Highway, by Tiyuchang Lu 外青松公路6189号,近体育场路6971 4190
Songjiang399 Fanhua Lu, by Songdong Lu 繁华路399号,近松东路5772 2658
BaoshanLane 239 Taihe Lu No. 8, by Tongtai Bei Lu 泰和路239弄8号,近同泰北路5656 0814
Jiading2599 Jia’an Highway, by Zhouguo Lu 嘉安公路2599号,近周果路5953 1635
JinshanLane 8484 Huhang Highway No. 38, by Weiling Lu 沪杭公路8484弄38号, 近卫零路5797 1163
Fengxian2142 Huhang Highway, by Xiu Nan Center Lu 沪杭公路2142号,近秀南中心路2406 9420
Chongming901 Gulangyu Lu, by Huaniao Lu 鼓浪屿路901号, 近乔松路6962 0708

As for the documents, you need to bring the following:

  • Passport,
  • Photocopies of photo and visa pages of your passport,
  • Fapiao or receipt for the scooter,
  • Certification of authenticity (合格证), which is usually included in the bike’s instructions manual,
  • Temporary residence permit (境外人员临时住宿登记单) (the one you got when registering your address at the police station)

If you want to register a second hand scooter that was registered in sombody’s name before, you also need to bring the previous registration card, and a copy of the ID card or passport.

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