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Posted by HAOrealty on June 25, 2018

As work and lifestyle in Shanghai often let you arrive home only very late, and many expats refrain from driving a car, daily or frequent grocery shopping can be something that feels like a real drag on your time. Add to this the sometimes incredible queues at the cashiers and there you are, thinking about all the more productive or relaxing things you could do now instead.


After moving to Shanghai and living here for a while, expats often compare the pros and cons of living in Shanghai and living in their home country.
While there is plenty to argue about, one thing that seemingly everybody agrees with is that life in Shanghai is amazingly convenient.

Thousands of people work in the delivery service industry and bring almost everything to your door step in no time and as a result of their fight for market share often at no cost even.
However, most bigger supermarket chains have made the step online and help you out. Below you find ways to get your groceries conveniently delivered to your home (or anywhere you want actually).

Epermarket offers a wide variety of imported products from all over the world. The selection ranges from fresh meats and vegetables,beverages, breakfast cereals and snacks, pastas and Halal products from all over the world.

Kate and Kimi
Started in 2012, Kate & Kimi is a community-based online grocer that deals in safe and healthy food. specialize in farm-fresh vegetables, healthy imported goods, “superfoods”, and specialty vegetables and garnishes such as edible flowers and microgreens.

Hema is Alibaba’s supermarket that is primarily focused on fresh foods like meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruit, as well as prepared foods. Shoppers can order groceries online for delivery in under 30 minutes.

French supermarket Auchan has it’s whole sortiment online and operates their delivery in Shanghai and Suzhou. Order today, receive tomorrow.

RT-mart 大润发
RT-Mart currently has one of the most convincing apps and super competitive delivery conditions (free from 29rmb order volume, and delivery within 1 hour), but you need to be lucky to live within their kind of narrow delivery areas.

Online shopping giant tmall hosts several shops and their own fresh produce portal ( Good choice if you don”t live within the delivery areas of one of the more price competitive markets. does not only give you the possibility to order meals of sometimes questionable quality, but opens its platform also to convenience stores, supermarkets and even pharmacies. Offerings depend on your location, and whether you find what you are looking for depends on your Chinese skills.

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