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The Who is Who of Lujiazui’s Skyline

Posted by HAOrealty on April 4, 2020

Lujiazui’s Skyline is probably one of the most iconic sights in China and is a stunning symbol of China’s rapid rise during the last 20-30 years. Almost every visitor coming to Shanghai, be it foreigners or Chinese, strolls along the historic Bundside at least once and gasps at the the impressive skyscrapers on the other side of Huangpu River.

While some are easy to identify like the Oriental Pearl Tower or the gold-colored Aurora Arts Museum, others are not easy to identify if you are not that familiar with the area. To help you out, we have marked listed the most dominant buildings of Shanghai’s world-famous Skyline:

Shanghai Tower (上海中心大厦): 632 meters, 128 floors. Shares the record for the highest observation with Ping’an Finance Center in Shenzhen, and has the world”s second fastest elevators (20.5 meters/sec).

Shanghai World Financial Centre (上海环球金融中心): 492 meters, 101 floors. Foreigners and Chinese alike informally refer to the building as “the bottle opener“.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower (东方明珠塔): 468 meters, 158 floors. Completed in 1994 and was Shanghai’s tallest building until 2007.

International Financial Centre / IFC (上海国际金融中心): Two towers, 250 and 260 meters high. There are shopping facilities at the lower floors. Residential facilities are offered by the Ritz Carlton Hotel and “IFC Residence“.

Jinmao Tower (金茂大厦): 420.5 meters and 93 floors. Contains a shopping mall, offices and the Grand Hyatt Shanghai hotel. The skywalk on the 88th floor is very impressive and recommended, offering a stunning view over Shanghai and the hotel’s atrium.

Bank of China (BoC) Tower (上海中银大厦): 226 meters, 53 floors. Was one of the three buildings that were part of the filming of Mission: Impossible III starring Tom Cruise. It is the building where Tom Cruise did a bungee jump.

Mirae Asset Tower (未来资产大厦): 180 meters, 32 floors. Also known as Hopson International

Citigroup Tower (花旗集团大厦): 180 meters, 42 floors. Headquarter of Citibank (China) Company Limited.

Ping’an Financial Building (平安金融大厦): 170 meters, 38 floors. This one sticks out architectural-wise as it looks like a mix of an ancient Greek high-rise palace.

China Merchants Bank (招商银行上海大厦): 208 meters, 37 meters.

Port Building (港务大厦)

Aurora Plaza and Aurora Art Museum (震旦国际大楼)

Pudong Shangri’La Hotel (浦东香格里拉大酒店)

Super Brand Mall (正大广场)

Wanxiang Plaza (万向大厦)

China Customs Building (浦东海关大楼)

International Conference Center (上海国际会议中心)

Residential Skyscrapers in Lujiazui

Interested in finding a home that is part of Lujiazui’s skyline. These apartment developments are easy to spot from the Bund:

Tomson Riviera (汤臣一品): Super Deluxe Duplex Apartments right next to Shanghai’s financial center.

Fraser Suites (上海鹏利辉盛阁公寓): Top of the line service apartments in Lujiazui

Yanlord Garden (仁恒滨江园): Extensive apartment complex suitable for families with children

Shimao Riviera (世茂滨江花园): Very popular, super spacious luxury apartments in Lujiazui

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